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Warfare for Writers - Fog of War 1


One of the things writers mess up most, is having warriors know too much, too accurately and too quickly, such is the Warfare for Writers - Fog of War! Too many times, Authors, Hollywood and TV scripts have made a sergeant or private know what the overall conditions of a battle are in play. Audie Murphy who played himself in To Hell and Back won the Congressional Medal of Honor and ended up as the most decorated soldier in WWII. He rarely knew the overall plans and followed orders such as, Go take that hill.unequal-battle-18937280

The truth of war is nobody knows what's happening, and half of imageswhat they think is wrong.

There are few truth commissions sorting through the facts while war happens and ignorance of what takes place accumulates over time.

One example: the American public didn't know what happened at Pearl Harbor for the entire war and we are still not sure despite Hollywood's efforts.

What Does this Mean:

Use the uncertainly of the situation to affect your characters.

Use it as a plot device.

Note: This information was taken from a lecture be Timons Esaias with his permission


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