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About Dameon Cox

image1I am currently working on two fantasy series: The Zenith Series and Path of the Flame Series. I first started writing The Zenith Series quite a few years ago. I kept the original manuscript to look at when I start feeling a little on the bigheaded side. At those times, I reread a portion, my head shrinks and I say, “You gotta be kidding!” I went through a long learning curve that continues to this day and I’m sure, beyond. Somehow that sounds like life!

I learned a good bit about the traditional publishing business and plan to go that route for Path of the Flame. I’m going through the self-publishing process for The Zenith Series; it’s fun and can be tiring, frustrating and exasperating at times, but the extremely rewarding moments make it all worth doing like watching my first book cover coming together. I walked around with a smile on my face for days.

I enjoy the writing process: building a fantasy world and populating it with interesting people, locales and magical elements, weaving it all together, creating conflicts, exploring the characters’ lives with their faults and good points.

One of my favorite activities is going to the World Fantasy Conventions, which are held in a different city each year. So far, I’ve been across the United States, Canada and to the United Kingdom. I’ve met a lot of very nice folks and some have become good friends. For new writers, I’d suggest going. The people are fun and the panels are a good source of information. There are usually about twelve hundred attendees and the hotel bars get a good workout. Miscon, run by Justin Barba in Missoula, MT is another great convention for authors, editors, publishers, fans and gamers.

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