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Don't Jeopardize Your Work - Making your book easy on the eyes.

This is a summary of an article by Smith Publicity with their generous permission. The original article can be found at http://alturl.com/kg5hd.

You've accomplished all that work to get a book written. Now, you Don't Jeopardize Your Work, making basic mistakes by not conforming to generally-accepted practice. One standard I'm asked about at times is the best font to use. You want a font that is: easy to read over a long passage!

There are five that, not only look good,but are often used. NOTE: THE FONTS BELOW ARE Examples by Adobe:

GARAMOND: Named after the 16th-century French "punch-cutter" or type designer Claude Garamond.





BEMBO: Designed by Francesco Griffo in the late15th and early 16th century. (Hey, I didn't name it!)


CASION: It was one of the most used type faces in the late 18th and 19th centuries designed by William Casion.


ELECTRA: Designed in 1935 by D. W. Dwiggins, Electra adds a distinctive "color" and evenness to the printed page.


My novels use Garamond and I'm, obviously, pleased with it as a font. Look around; there are certainly many more to chose from, but you want a font that will not tire your eyes--or your brain--while reading a long passage.