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Epic Fantasy

Fantasy includes World-Building, one of the fun parts for an author. The world for The Zenith Series has three continents and a subcontinent that come into play over the span of the series. While many of the characters reappear, each novel is written to stand alone.

Action and Adventure

I strove to pack The Zenith Series with plenty of exploits full of situations calling for fast-acting and quick-thinking resolutions. Using that mode of authorship is more fun for me to write and I hope for the reader, more fun to discover. Still, human - and sometimes other creatures - have emotions needing exploration.

The Zenith's Spy

Zack Stand, the Zenith Lord’s spy has faced murderers, bandits, torture, the intrigues of the High Lords and worse. Now, an ancient evil the first Zenith Lord defeated two millennia ago, grows once more . . .

The Zenith Lord

Jarod Greatstone, the Zenith Lord of the Seven Realms must face the Dark's Source in battle as it gains power. Its existence confirmed by the Zenith's Spy and the same evil the first Zenith Lord defeated two millennia ago . . .

The Zenith's Warrior

The Zenith's Warrior, Lenzel, from the Clan of the Cat, finds a cache of Stones used to fight the Dark's source two millennia ago. The Zenith Lord recognizes his potential and orders the Guard and others to train him to fight the Dark's . . .

The Spy's Net

Zack Stand, the Zenith's Spy, returns to Hamptor with Currat to build resistance to the Dark Lord and his minion, Wathdure. An ambassador sent from the Seven Realms to establish relations with the kingdoms of . . .

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