When I started my blog, I thought long about what to feature. There are many blogs covering a host of posts on just about any subject. I decided to make mine an informational blog for authors. I've gotten several comments from readers stating they  like the content of the various posts; and, I thank you! After reading my blog, I'd appreciate your comments

Courtesy of AboutDo
Courtesy of AboutDo

Today, my blog comes from a summary of material by Giselle Aguiar ( Disclaimer: I am one of Giselle's clients, but these are general tips for any post.

So, you want to blog! Giselle suggests not copying in Word material. It might be okay with straight sentences, but in some uses and platforms, the Word formatting is also transferred. You might not want that. Test it out and see if you get the desired results; if not, retype it into your platform.


Some Tips: 

Write Quality Content - Don't Plagiarize - See my earlier post on Copyright Law

I -0 Copyright symbolGive Solutions to your readers' problems.

Keep it simple; don't use fancy words

Remember your audience

Preview your posts, and by all means, read it several times for mistakes. I found two in this post.

Godo lcuk and hapy bloggering! Remember to check your post for mistakes!





Warfare for Writers -

This is the 6th installment of WARFARE FOR WRITERS - 6 Fog of War graciously permitted by Timons Esaias.

Warfare or Writers 6 deals with common mistakes writers make when writing about war, battles and et cetera.

The thing that is screwed up the most, is having warriors know too much, too accurately and too quickly. The truth of war is that nobody knows what's happening and half what they think is wrong. There are few truth commissions sorting through the facts while war is happening, so ignorance of what happens accumulates over time. One example: The American public didn't know what happened at Pearl Harbor for the entire war. We still aren't quite sure.


Don't do that

Have the uncertainty of the situation get on your characters' nerves

Use it as a plot device.images



Cover Artist - 3

Personal note: I've been in hospital for a week and in rehab physical therapy for three weeks, now home for a week in wheelchair and walker for short hops if you'll excuse the pun. I broke my ankle and now have nine screws attached to three metal plates in my right ankle/leg. If you like my blog, please help me get the word out to increase readership.

Cover Artist - 3:

"Jorem is an #illustrator and concept #artist based in Spain, and working for board games, books and videogames...

He worked on projects like "The Dresden Files RPG" and always loves to push a bit the colors of his "painterly - style" illustrations.

He loves to paint #fantasy and #sci-fi themes, including #monsters, #orcs, #elves, #vampires and also stuff from the H.P. #Lovecraft universe. 

You can find his work at: 

If you want to write him you can do it at: "

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