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The Zenith's Warrior - Major Characters

Characters and Places

Barqua, Horse-master of the Clan of the Cat
Blackwind, The Zenith Lord’s horse
Briggs, Ship Captain based in Hamptor
Broadric, Master at Arms
Calbris, Chief Spy at Elizabethville in Stonecrest
Ca-Ra’IL from the Noble House of the Stork, Truth-bearer of the Empire
Carille, Spirit Leader of the High Desert People
Cartwell Byrne, Lord of Bramble Keep, Kyle’s father
Challenger, Lenzel’s horse
Charlos Mattene, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Currat Duval, Spy for the Zenith Lord, originally from Ozlid
Daktar, Supreme Dynast of Sison
Daniel, Prelate of the Seven Realms’ Religious Order
Daniell Respecton, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Darth, Captain Lord of Death
Davad Drosh, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Debgril, War Leader of Desert’s Ire
Doris Raven, woman who helped Zack escape from Hamptor
Dryl Fullman, Merchant
Dugwar, Bandit Chief in Stonecrest
Dusten Remming, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Ellrill, Maiden of the Cat Clan, married to Lenzel
Forrest Workman, the Zenith Lord’s man, instructor to the High Desert People
Gangedure, Plane Master and Keeper of the Gray Plane
Gangkor, Bandit Chieftain
Geoffrey Lockley, The Pinnacle, High Lord, Second in command of the Seven Realms
Illche, Desert Ire’s Bodyguard to The Zenith Lord
Jannus Kritz, Gal from the Eastern Fortress
Jarod Greatstone, The Zenith Lord
Kaarill, Desert's Ire maiden
Kelosrill, Desert's Ire maiden
Kyle Byrne, High Lord of Stonecrest
Larrell Sontos, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Lenzel, Honorable Warrior, of the Cat Clan
Lorell Andress, Skimmer leading the pebble, part of Lenzel’s group
Marc Greatstone, The Darkslayer, Jarod Greatstone’s son
Mecqua, Warrior Commander of the Cat Clan
Michael Gaz, The Zenith’s Spymaster of the Seven Realms
Mother Mavis, (MomMav) Head of the Seven Realms’ Hospices
Pecquin, Secquin’s twin, Desert Ire Maiden
Peter Byrne, Kyle’s older brother
Rachel Raven, Doris Raven’s young daughter
Richmon Userron, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Roberd Wells, High Lord of Deepwells
Rolo, The Zenith Lord’s steward at the Spires
Roush Letern, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Rystarill, Desert's Ire maiden
Secquin, Pecquin’s twin, Desert Ire Maiden
Serarelique, Another name for The Aviaries of Heaven
Shadure, Second to the Dark One
Snowflake, Currat Duval’s horse
Spellbinder, Zack Stand’s horse
Sorrel Billon, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Stevemon Surron, Member of Skimmer Andress’ Pebble
Stonefire, the Zenith Lord’s realm and the name of his Capital City
Strufford Sumtom, Gal from the Western Fortress
Syrill, Desert's Ire maiden
Ta-Cern, from the Noble House of the Hawk, Seeker of the Empire
Thursman Crinner, Gal Commander of Boulder at River Road
Travis Grant, The Holy One
Va-A’Cil, Empress of the Aviaries of Heaven
Wathdure, second to Shadure
Wellsport, Capital of Deepwells
Welquo, Spiritual Leader of the Cat Clan
Zack Stand, Spy for the Zenith Lord

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