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The Zenith Lord - Major Characters

Characters and Places

Byrne, Kyle: Lord, Apex Captain of the Zenith’s Guard
Carlton, Duncan: Acting High Lord of Trueridge
Darth: Captain of the Lords of Death
Dermouth, Suzan: Lady in waiting for the Zenith Lady
Gabbles, Trina: Marc Greatstone’s wet-nurse
Gangedure: Shadure’s minion, Plane Master
Gaz, Michael: Spymaster of The Seven Realms
Grant, Mavis: Mother, Head of the Hospices for The Seven Realms
Grant, Travis: The Holy One, Head of the religion for The Seven Realm
Gray, Erwin: Lord, ambassador for Northmount
Greatstone, Jarod: The Zenith Lord
Greatstone, Marc: Jarod Greatstone’s son, part of the Zenith
Greatstone, Maress: The Zenith Lady, part of the Zenith
Kess, Jerome: Gal in The Zenith’s Guard
Lockley, Geoffrey: The Pinnacle Lord, High Lord
Long, Matthew: High Lord of Justice
Matthews, Karl: Stable boy
Mountglen, Clarence: Eric Mountglen’s son
Mountglen, Eric: High Lord of Mountglen
Raven, Doris: Hamptorian farmer
Raven, Rachel: Doris Raven’s daughter
Romar, Davad: Acting High Lord of Eastfall
Russell, Deion: Lord, second to The Holy One, His Grace, The Protector
Sarth: Captain of the Angels of Death
Segquo: Leader of the High Desert People
Shadure: second only to the Dark One, Spirit Master
Sternwood, Tobias: Lord and High Healer
Strand, Deanna, Lady: Assistant to the Zenith Lord and Lady
Strand, Gayle: Lady in waiting for the Zenith Lady
Thord: Eric Mountglen’s minion
Timmons, Carver: Davad’s twin
Timmons, Davad: Carver’s twin, champion archer
Wathdure: Shadure’s minion, Flesh Master

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